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Connect Robotics develops Logistic Networks using Drones, with robust, safe and reliable software for autonomous BVLOS flight. Works mainly in Air Traffic Management and onboard Collision Avoidance, and is supported by ESA BIC Portugal, FIWARE and MIT-Portugal BGI. Contact-us to discover how you can be part of that revolution.

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Drone Delivery System

We are transforming the "last mile" delivery in a completely autonomous process, from the distribution center to the destination. Some key characteristics:

  • Hardware Agnostic, Autonomous Drone;
  • Advanced telecomunication capabilities;
  • Collision Avoidance;
  • Centralized Air Traffic Controller;
  • Integration of all agents in a Delivery Management System.

We are looking for partners to sponsored trials. Please use the form below to contact us about your special case.

Eduardo s
Eduardo Mendes I&D Director
PhD Candidate in Electrical Engineering at FEUP, with focus in UAV Control, Master in Mechanical Engineering at UNICAMP, and graduate in IT at FATEC. Has 14 years of professional experience in development of distributed and embedded systems.
Raphael s
Raphael Stanzani Business Director
An enthusiast in technological innovation and in new business management practices, graduated in Production Engineering at UFSCar, with years of experience leading Supply Network Design project at Procter & Gamble Co..
Ivo s
Ivo Ferreira Electrical Engineer
Graduated at UA in Electronic and telecommunication Engineering. Has many years of professional experience in management and projecting analogical and digital electronic systems, computing, telecommunications and automation.
Marcelo s
Marcelo Giesel Computer Scientist
Graduated in Computer Science at UFG and Master in Computing at UFPel, with focus on Artificial Intelligence. Has years of experience in research and development of efficient algorithms, optimization and data structures.
Antonio s
Antonio Estevão Intern in Software Development
Technology lover with a huge thirst to learn new things. Currently pursuing Informatics Bcs at Isep enrolled at programming competition and attending locally organized workshops/events. Linux fan and adept of open source projects.
Solene s
Solène Salignat Intern in Electrical Engineering
Student in engineering school at ESIEA, specialised in Embedded Systems. Interested in aeronautics and renewable energy sectors. Eager to learn about drones.
Pedro s
Pedro Oliveira Intern in Electrical Engineering
Currently attending Electrotechnical and Computer Engineering at ISEP. Enthusiast in electronics, aeronautics and automobile world. Has experience with automation, telecommunications and with analog/digital systems.
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